You may add Additional Insureds during or after purchase (but before a policy expires). While you are on the policy builder, tap “Additional Insureds” near the bottom. Then enter the name of the person or organization or paste a description from your client into the field called “Add Additional Insured”. You may optionally enter an email address. If you enter an email address your Additional Insured will receive a PDF copy of your Certificate of Insurance and their Additional Insured endorsement, including Waiver of Subrogation and Primary and Non-contributory status endorsement (as well as policy extensions and cancellations). You may also add Additional Insureds after purchase by pressing the “+ Additional Insured” button on the Congratulations screen, or by going to Certificates & Docs, searching for a policy, tapping it and tapping the “+ Additional Insured” button. Additional insureds are added instantly to your policy at no charge.

If you want to add an additional insured to an existing policy, please see here.